Statement   of   Ownership
HammeredTimes (ISSN 666-666) is published whenever the hell I feel like it and is available, free of advertising, to everyfuckingbody in the world. Distributed on the Internet through a European (non-French) Web hosting firm. Hard copies printed in the U.S.A.

Postmaster: Bite me.

We prints what we think. We think.

To boldly crow where no man has crowed before.

HammeredTimes -- All content, no substance.

Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to proactively produce proprietary, process-provisional, performance-pivotal paradigms. Pilfered, purposely plagarized pieces poison our preferred product positioning principles.

Environmental Policy:
The fact that throughout history literally millions of trees have been killed just to produce toilet paper to wipe our asses makes us so mad we could just shit. Which only exacerbates the problem. It's a vicious circle.